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Marketing Services

We offer a range of complementary production services which forms the "Multimedia" part of "Hotshots Multimedia". We can design and produce Printed documents, Electronic documents, Video, CDs, DVDs, Logos, Audio recordings, Music E-books, PowerPoint Presentations, Spreadsheets, Databases and complete Websites to your specifications to suit your requirements. 

Marketing Services 


Easy, cost effective web marketing of your products or services!

If you have products or services that you need to promote to a wider audience, then why not try our sister website. Afiwe Market is specially designed to promote small and new businesses to get their products on the internet and open up your business to an international market. The possibilities are unlimited. With a presence on the world wide web your company and your products will instantly benefit from a vastly wider audience. Your services and products will be available to local, national and international customers who can place orders and contact you directly for your services and it is available 24-7-365 days a year. 





Afiwe Market is a new and exciting "marketing idea" based on the age old concept of communication and trade as carried out for centuries by our fore-parents. The marketplace has always been the social hub of the community. It is the place where people gather to talk, socialise, exchange ideas and do business.


Afiwe Market is especially designed as a trading place for small, upcoming entrepreneurs  that need a forum to nurture and promote their services and products.


Afiwe Market caters for the wide and diverse pool of talented black people from the Arts, Crafts and Business World who originated from the black diaspora. 


Afiwe Market is a place where consumers can freely view and compare prices products and services before deciding to purchase in an unpressurised environment. 


For entrepreneurs, Afiwe Market provides virtual stalls to present your products to the worldwide marketplace via the internet at an affordable price and without all the technical hassle of setting up and maintaining a dedicated website. All you need to do is to provide us with details and prices of your products or services and we will do the rest.


The Benefits of using  AFIWEMARKET


Afiwe Market is considerably cheaper than renting a stall in a conventional market. It also has the added benefits of being open for business 24 7 365 days a year and you don't have to set up and take down your stall everyday or risk loss or damage to your stock or stand out in the cold and rain all day to make a sale.


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