Dernier Cree Sole Look Book

Dernier Cree Sole have a wide range of talented and experienced Photographic and Catwalk Models available for your next big promotion or fashion show.  We have Male and Female models from a wide range of ethnicities and nationalities.
All of our models have been trained in ctawalk skills and posing for the camera. Some of our models are also multitalented and can sing, act and dance.
We can also provide top class Make-up Artists and Stylists to take care of the finishing touches for your production.
Dernier Cree Sole can also arrange Choreographers, DJs, Flyers, video production and editing of your event.

Call: 0771-509-6572 to book any of our models or for more information about our services.

Call 0740-355-3614 for more details and pricing