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Multimedia Services

We offer a range of complementary production services which forms the "Multimedia" part of "Hotshots Multimedia". We can design and produce Printed documents, Electronic documents, Video, CDs, DVDs, Logos, Audio recordings, Music E-books, PowerPoint Presentations, Spreadsheets, Databases and complete Websites to your specifications to suit your requirements. 

Electronic Documents Services 

EBooks, Catalogues, Brochures, Menus and Magazines

EBooks and other publications designed and published online for your customers/audience to enjoy online.


Include hyperlinks to websites contact forms and more information.


Interactive PowerPoint Business Presentations

Slick, effective interavtive presentations for your company or seminar with embedded Video, Audio, Transitions, Timings, Triggers, Hot Spots, Navigation buttons, Hyperlinks, Graphs, Live data feeds etc. All links and effects are fully tested and approved by the client before release.


Self contained Kiosk and rolling displays for your shop or event.

Interactive display with buttons for visitors to click for more point of sale (POS) information.


Excel Spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheets and graphs produced to suit your company requirements. 


Formulas, Conditional Formatting, Invoices, Images, Filtering, Hyperliks, Images. Sorting, Protection and Data Types and verification etc.


Access Database

Customised databases designed to suit your needs.


Datatypes, Input Masks, Tables, Relationships, Images, Validation and Verification, Forms, Reports, Queries etc.

Call 0740-355-3614 for more details and pricing

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