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Multimedia Services

We offer a range of complementary production services which forms the "Multimedia" part of "Hotshots Multimedia". We can design and produce Printed documents, Electronic documents, Video, CDs, DVDs, Logos, Audio recordings, Music E-books, PowerPoint Presentations, Spreadsheets, Databases and complete Websites to your specifications to suit your requirements. 

Dynamic Z-Cards Services.

Dynamic Z-cards are an exciting way to get yourself, your products and your brand or service noticed instantly.

You have 30 seconds to get your message across to potential customers and clients and make a lasting impression. Using text, images, video, sound and animation we will produce a compact, portable and exciting Dynamic Z-Card to suit your needs.

Call 0740-355-3614 for more details and pricing

Customisable Template Styles to match your budget, style & needs.
Displayed on screen:
4 Photos & Text (Slow Changes)
2 Photos & Text (Med Changes)
1 Photo & Text (Fast changes}
1 video 3 Photos & Text (Slow)
1 video 1 Photo & Text (Fast)
1. Basic printed 2 sided Z-Card
2. Eco Dynamic Z-Card
3. Basic Dynamic Z-Card
4. Dynamic Z-Card
5. Bronze Dynamic Z-Card
6. Silver Dynamic Z-Card
7. Gold Dynamic Z-Card
8.Diamond Dynamic Z-Card
Benefits of using Dynamic Z-Cards
  • Send instantly to your targeted audience via email, SMS, mobile device or PC

  • Send as a stand alone ad or as an attachment to a proposal or document.

  • Easily integrated into a presentation or embedded on your website

  • Simple set up

  • Fast turnaround

  • Eco-friendly. No wasted paper flyers, junk mail or delivery costs and reusable

Please fill out all the information required in the order form below.
Upload your Photos (JPEG), Videos (MP4) and Audio (MP3) files for your Dynamic Z-Card here.
Any difficulty in uploading files, please send an email explaining the problem in the uploader email box.
Dynamic Z-Card Options Help:
  1. (Basic Printed 2 sided card) up to 8 photos and text, A5 sized layout.
  2. Eco-Dynamic Z-Card Up to 10 changing photos and text, 30 seconds duration with music.
  3. Standard Dynamic Z-Card 10-15 changing photos, text, voiceover and music.
  4. Enhanced Dynamic Z-Card 10-15 changing photos, text, voiceover, music, and 1 video.
  5. Bronze Dynamic Z-Card 10-20 changing photos, text, voiceover, music and 2 video clips.
  6. Silver Dynamic Z-Card up to 20 photos, text, voiceover, music and up to 4 video clips 30 seconds,
  7. Gold Dynamic Z-Card up to 40 photos, text, voiceover, music and 6 Videos. Up to 60 seconds.
  8. Diamond Dynamic Z-Card up to 40 photos, text, voiceover, music and 6 Videos. Up to 60 seconds and a bespoke animated logo.
All layout and colour options are customisable to suit your needs.
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